Message From Our Director

"The very first time you enter Oasis Montessori School I am confident you will feel the warmth of our school community, the dedication of staff, and the joy our students exhibit when they run into the school grounds.


The Montessori approach to education provides an extraordinary opportunity for young people to develop to their full potential in a positive, supportive environment encouraging independence, enquiry and freedom to grow. Our whole school reflects the ideals set in our classrooms. We value high standards, sharing of knowledge, perpetual education, individuality and community spirit and respect.


As a team, we are committed to ensure that we develop the natural instinct for exploration and acquisition of knowledge in our students, enabling a lifelong love of continuous learning.


Please join me and experience what we have to offer on our compelling journey towards making Oasis… ‘simply the best for each child’."


Micah Mizell


Our Team


Micah Mizell



Liz Alanis-Perez

Assistant Director


Vaugh Hokanson