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Montessori has been created over a century and since then, it has been founded on thorough research and study of kids. It was the belief of Maria Montessori that when kids have the opportunity to make choices by themselves, they feel more fulfilled. Kids pick up advancement at their own particular agreeable rate while exhibiting their interests.

Oasis Montessori School classroom is a spot for individual learning, as well as a dynamic group where the youngster figures out how to socially cooperate in an assortment of ways. The three-year age range in each class empowers more established youngsters to instruct the younger kids, demonstrating how both can gain from this experience. With such an assortment in the classroom, every youngster can work at his or her own particular pace, unhindered by competition and empowered by co-operation.

At Oasis Montessori School we follow standards-based curriculum which help children to learn age-appropriate lessons to help them succeed. Our curriculum consists of 4 cycles for the development of the child.

Cycle 1

Infants between 3 months to 24 months of age.
We have following techniques to enhance the development of your infant so advancement and learning unfurls.

  • Offering your infant age-fitting toys and materials that get him/ her to think and move.

  • We utilize music, movement, singing tunes, finger plays, cause-and-effect toys, soft block building to help your child to imagine and perform.

  • To help your baby to learn at their pace, we have Storytimes.

  • Group exercises for building socialization aptitudes.

  • Time to time group interactions.

  • Individual care and attention towards every infant.

  • Partnership with parents to understand importance of the family and build strong bonds.

Cycle 2

Children from 24 to 36 months
This cycle keep the focus on:

  • The children utilize materials without any assistance of teachers.

  • Approach each new issue and circumstance with vitality, fervor and a feeling of “self ­belief”.

  • Child learning through 5 educational modules of Culture, Language, Sensorial, Mathematics and Practical Life.

  • Cater child’s inclination towards freedom and to create confidence in their own capacities.

Cycle 3

Age group from 36 months to 5 years.
Now we have our focus on preparing the child for a solid foundation for a better future. They enter the process of self-construction, where a child develops several abilities and strengths within by him/herself.

  • Permit kids to touch, investigate and pick the work that they are most responsive to.

  • Investigate educational modules of Sensorial,Practical Life,Mathematics,Language,Culture and Science.

  • Children are made to pick a progression of short, natural activities.

  • Keeping kids involved in independent action, astounds, Sensorial material, puzzles and Practical Life errands, (for example, peeling carrots).

  • Giving flexibility to a child to effectively move towards new acquisitions (instead of the refinement and modification of the prior time of familiar activities).

Cycle 4

On getting into to Cycle 4, your kid is on an adventure of continuum to the end of Cycle 3.

  • Children are made to be with other youngsters and structure rules inside the gathering.

  • Kids are given several opportunities to view and start to comprehend the commitments and qualities of people.

  • Children are made to learn about teamwork and the group roles.

  • Children are made to develop interest in history and stories.

  • Kids are enhanced for reading and writing skills.

From Cycle 1 to cycle 4 etc..., it’s an electrifying time for each kid. They develop their own style and interest for learning at their own pace and flexibility which finally results in the development of their inherent talents. 

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