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Oasis Extended Day Care Program is a structured learning program specifically designed to promote social, emotional, physical and intellectual advancement of your child. This program offers variety of activities like Art, intro to different languages, intro to different instruments like piano and guitar. This allows the child to explore various activities and pick one or few that he/ she finds interesting and masters in particular subjects.



Oasis Montessori Extended Day is an enhancing program that encourages every kid’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical advancement in a domain that is both complimentary and steady of the teachings of Oasis Montessori School. Our idea is to make kids learn through play, and our objective is to give many real-life experiences, with an end goal to build up the “complete child” by supporting every child’s advancement at his or her own pace. Our efforts are to advance youngsters achieve in view of the conviction that every kid has his/her very own qualities, interests, and personality.


How we are different from traditional Daycare?

For us, it’s not just looking after the kids until the parents come to pick them up. We have a different approach to boost a child‘s growth. We have a structured learning program designed exclusively for each child. Unlike other daycare programs, neither we keep your child engaged for the whole day by providing a predefined set of tasks nor do we decide what the child would like to do. The child is free to explore the environment and surroundings with minimum guidance and allowed to work on one thing for as long as they want. Your child shall choose a task for himself and spend time to master it. He is being encouraged to teach other fellow children how to do the same which helps your child to develop social skills and learn to be helpful. He starts developing the leadership qualities at a very early stage of life and definitely it helps him to reinforce the things he has already learned.


Our Approach:

For little kids-

Generally, a child’s learning for the day is ended after he is back from school, but our extended day program continue to facilitate your child to keep learning more and therefore it leads to drastic improvements in your child’s overall personality and behavior.
Our daily timeline will show you how effectively your child can learn and thrive being a part of our very successful extended day program.

After your child has spent his day learning new and exciting activates at our Oasis Montessori School from morning 9:00 am to 11:30 am, we continue our efforts and care until the parents come to pick up their child late in the evening. And so we named this program as an Extended Day program because we keep your child engaged in various activities throughout the day:

Play free
We usually take children to play area after the cessation of Montessori school at 11.30AM and offer them with well fenced Play area with commercial grade play structures for a free play session. Here children enjoy themselves and while playing, they bond with each other which is important to make them comfortable within the school environment.

Munch the Lunch
Children are then brought back to the classrooms for lunch, everybody now have fun time while eating with each other. During lunch, our instructors guide children for good eating habits and etiquettes.

Nap Gap
After children finish their lunch, it’s time for a nap. Children are offered their designated beds where we put them to sleep. We have children sleep for 1 to 2 hours which help them to get recharged for the next session of the day. But before that, everyone is offered healthy snacks along with milk and juices to satisfy their appetite and quench their thirst.

After having a nap and snacks, we engage the children in activities such as crafts games, and 3D puzzles, Brain Games Keyboarding etc. Children are set free to choose from various activities according to their preferences. Some children enjoy playing with molding clay giving a shape to their imagination, while other are busy solving puzzles, few other keep themselves with other toys and games. Everything we do here serve a purpose. We make children play “I SPY” to learn new sounds and words. Movable Alphabets are used to make children “write” by selection of letters. They also write in Sand tray. Specially designed early materials are provided to children to teach the concepts without actually teaching them, for example rods of various lengths are used to teach them counting numbers. A 3D puzzle called trinomial cube is used to teach them, about colors and matching them which is a real life representation the basic algebraic formulas they might learn in later grades. This group activity helps them to understand to respect everyone’s individuality and build a sense of cooperation.

Some Serious fun
Then it is time for learning some serious activities like musical instruments, computers and various languages. The beauty of these classes is that they allow children to develop their talent and help them to explore themselves to find which activity suites their interests. Again we allow children to teach each other with minimum interference from the teachers so everybody can learn everything at their own pace.


For the School age kids

As the parents take their children to Oasis early in the morning, we serve them with a healthy breakfast. We know food plays an important role in the developmental process of a child so we have food plans to meet the child’s requirements

After breakfast, we take the children to the school in our fleet of school vans. When school is over, we pick them up from their respective schools and bring them back to Oasis.

At oasis, we offer them with healthy snacks and various other preparations along with the milk and juices. There the children are engaged in their classroom setting, where well qualified teachers help the children understand what they have learned in the school and also help them to complete their homework and other school related preparations. This helps parents as they're not left with any homework or learning tasks to do for school by the time they reach home.
After, the children are introduced to various learning classes like musical instruments and language classes to enhance their abilities and skills.

Every day In Oasis, We have daily schedule to follow and to make sure that the kids spend their time in a creative way with a lot of learning and fun for every child at the end of each day

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