I can only say very good things about Kanchana. When I send my son to school I know that he is going to be taken care of, and fed homemade delicious food. I also know that every day kids in her daycare learn something new.

- Michelle Juarez


My family moved to Syracuse from Texas about 4 months ago and as challenging it was for us to get used to new environment, Oasis Preschool, has checked all the boxes for me. My daughter is happy there, learns and plays and I feel confident about leaving her there.

- Julia Jackson


We are looking forward to another year of Montessori and a well balanced education for our son! Thank you for doing a great job caring for our children 🙂

- Linda Moreno


I highly recommend Oasis Montessori for preschool and pre-K. This preschool is a perfect transition to Kindergarten

- Marty Wallace

Preschool Class

Best school I’ve found. Highly recommend this school, not only a personal opinion but that of a person with a degree in child development and a minor in child life. This school and their teachers care about the children and their learning.

- Heather Rettenberger


Girls in Painting Class

This is run by the kindest, most patient and friendly people. The teachers are incredible! My kids look forward to going every tie. The new facility is incredible and child friendly. It fosters learning and imagination in various facets. My 4 kids have gone for the last 2 years and I can’t imagine taking them anywhere else! Only place I will recommend!

- Heather Gardner Hicks